About me

I shot my first wedding over 30 years ago, on film, it was my sisters and it petrified me so much I decided it wasn’t for me, however, 10 years ago with the advent of digital camera getting good enough to shoot professionally I decided to give it another go, this time I fell in love with everything about wedding photography.

So I started Envision Images an artist collective with a friend hoping to create something different, and for a number of years it worked really well, bringing in new photographers and training them up to be able to hold their own in the industry. As with many things, after 10 years, numerous awards, and hundreds of weddings the members directions started to differ, so we decided one of the team would take the brand forward as their business, while I have chosen to create Ridgway.Photography.

This new venture will be a small family enterprise, following the boutique photography style, which is to say, small friendly and personal, providing the very best quality without the pressures associated with larger outfits.

Something I really enjoyed within Envision was teaching other members of the team, helping them develop their technical as well as artistic skills, so want to see how I can develop that aspect of my career.

As a family business Ridgway.Photography will also be looking at family portraits and other aspects of photography.

I don’t quite know where this new adventure will take me, but sometimes you need to just try something new.