I was asked today about drones, and thought it a good idea to share some of the knowledge you’ll need to have before hiring someone in to shoot video or stills of your wedding or anything else for that matter.

These days, anyone can buy and fly a drone, in fact they are quite easy to use in a lot of respects and can produce result you can’t attain any other way.

I’ve seen some great drone footage in recent years, and been in some of it myself, so it’s well worth considering as a supplementary to standard video in particular.

First question of anyone flying a drone has to be, have you got a licence. These are expensive and require you to undergo specific training, if you fly without one for some kind of commercial gain, you will be breaking the law.

This document on the CAA website lists everyone in the UK with a licence:

Just download it and search against your drone pilot.

Next question has to be insurance, have they got the right level, you only have to do a quick youtube search to find out what can go wrong, so appropriate insurance is a must, as a photographer I have quite a lot of insurance, but if I moved into drone work, then I’d have much higher premiums to pay.

After those two questions have been answered, you also need to remember they wont be able to fly in bad weather, even a bit of rain will ground a drone. So think about the time of year, and keep your fingers crossed, perhaps check to see if you can have some of your money back if they can’t fly at all.

They will also have to seek permissions of property owners they fly over, depending on distances, there should be a cordoned of take of point, and usually some form of warning signs. A lot depends on drone size.

The basic drone code is here: the site also has lots of useful information for you to go through?

Overal drone footage has a wow factor, just consider who you choose carefully, if you can find a videographer that also offers a drone then that can be a good combination, as if they can’t fly they’ll have other things they can do to capture your day.